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Current issue

Parrésia XII (2018)

A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

Michal Řoutil, Věra Lendělová a Pavel Milko (eds.)

In a new issue of the Parrésia: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies (XII/2018) readers will find a lot of articles, translations, interview, reviews etc. This issue is dedicated to the memory of slavist and historian Prof. Václav Huňáček (Charles University, Prague).




Tomáš Mrňávek - Baptism and communion of children in the Byzantine tradition (in Czech)

Марина Луптакова - The connection of the Byzantine iconoclasm of the 8th – 9th centuries to “Origenism”: to the statement of the problem (in Russian)

Michal Téra - Church Statute of Prince Vladimir and its place in the old Russian church law tradition (in Czech)

Michal Kovář - Christianization of Eastern Lapland in Sami legends (in Czech)

Марія Скаб, Мар’ян Скаб - The biblical component of the language picture of the Hutsul world (in Ukrainian)

Наталія Колесник - The theonym of “Богородиця” (Mother of God) in song folklore of the Ukrainians (in Ukrainian)

Ilja Lemeškin - Works of Prussian scriptors of Prague origin from the time of Charles IV. (in Czech)


Lukaš Nosek - Confession of faith of the metropolitan of Nisibis Abdisho bar Berikha (1250–1318) (in Czech)

Haig Utidjian - A brief survey of sources of apophaticism in Armenian Patrology (in Czech)

Petra Košťálová - Sayat-Nova and panegyrics to the Georgian king Erekle II. (in Czech)


Michal Řoutil - How to steal Edjmiacin? The Persian shah Abbas the Great (1571–1629) and his project of the transfer of the seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church (in Czech)

Jiři Gebelt - Jesus Christ and Christianity in the Mandaean religion (in Czech)

Magdalena Vytlačilová Jesus Christ and Christianity in the Mandean religion: A contribution to the understanding of the Mandean minority (in Czech)


Lubomíra Havlíková Byzantologist, balkanist, and heresitologist Milan Loos and the “Alleged testimony of John the Exarch’s Hexameron of Bogomiles”: On the 95th anniversary of his birth (in Czech)


Mlada Mikulicová - Saint Ephrem the Syrian: Paschal hymns (in Czech)

Pavel Milko - Confession of the faith of St. Gregory II of Cyprus (in Czech)


Gorazd Josef Vopatrný - Monasticism in the Orthodox Christian Tradition – an attempt at critical evaluation of the phenomenon (in Czech)

Pavla Gkantzios-Drapelova - Nikos Kazantzakis – Of religion (in Czech)


Stefan Sado, Michal Řoutil - “The Assyrian story of the 20th century represents a unique testimony of faith”: Interview with Archimandrite Stefan Sado (in Czech)

MEMORIAL: In honor of Václav Huňáček

Associate Professor Vaclav Huňaček in the memories of his students, colleagues and friends (in Czech)

REVIEWS (all in Czech)

Ziarno i krew: Podroż śladami bliskowschodnich chrześcijan (Michal Řoutil)

Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians Religious Dynamics in a Sasanian Context (Mlada Mikulicová)

Θρησκευτική Τέχνη από τη Ρωσία στην Ελλάδα 16ος-19ος αιώνας (Pavla Gkantzios-Drápelová)

Byzantská filozofia (Pavel Milko)

Śmierć, pogrzeb i modlitwa za zmarłych w Kościele prawosławnym (Pavel Milko)

Let Them Not Return: Sayfo – The Genocide Against the Assyrian, Syriac, and Chaldean Christians in the Ottoman Empire (Michal Řoutil)

LanguageCzech, Russian, Ukrainian (English abstracts)
Product dimensions165 x 235 mm

Parrésia XI (2017)

A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

Michal Řoutil and Pavel Milko (eds.)

In a new issue of the Parrésia: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies (XI/2017) readers will find special feature “Hesychasm and Eastern Europe” (K. Ware, J. Meyendorff, G. M. Prokhorov, V. Zhivov, S. S. Khoruzhiy, M. Řoutil) and a lot of other articles.

LanguageCzech, Russian, English (English abstracts)
Product dimensions165 x 235 mm

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