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Series Pro Oriente | Parrésia - Ročenka pro východní křesťanství

Series Pro Oriente

The series “Pro Oriente: The Heritage of the Christian East” was founded by editor-in-chief Michal Řoutil in collaboration with the Pavel Mervart Publishing House in 2007.

The series seeks to meet the following objectives:

  • To enrich Czech scholarship and culture through the provision of fundamental works on the history and culture of Eastern Christianity, through the publication of both new titles and reprints
  • To contribute to a deeper understanding of the spiritual roots of Eastern Christianity by commissioning and making available translations of important works from their original languages
  • To publish the work of young Czech scholars engaged in the field
  • To support and promote, to the fullest extent possible, research on the Christian East as an integral part of world Christianity

An integral part of the series is the “Byzantine Library”,  whose aim (under its editorial council, composed of Markéta Kulhánková, Vlastimil Drbal and Michal Řoutil) is the renewal of the recently interrupted tradition of publishing Czech translations of substantial works on Byzantine history, culture, theology, hagiography, etc.

Further series are in preparation.

Series Pro Oriente

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